Energy-efficient glazing is the term used to describe the double glazing or triple glazing use in modern windows in homes. Unlike the original single glazing or old double glazing, energy-efficent glazing incorporates coated (low-emissivity) glass to prevent heat escaping through the windows.

There are two main measures of energy performance which relate to windows and doors. The first one is known as a Window Energy Rating (or WER) and will be displayed on all windows and doors. Under current Building Regulations, windows and doors must be rated at Band ‘C’ or better. We’re pleased to say that all Spectus windows and doors can reach Band ‘A’ and that our Elite and Fully Reversible windows can achieve a Band ‘A+’ rating.

The second measure is known as a U-value, and this information should also be displayed on the same label. U-values measure thermal transmittance. The lower the value, the more effective an insulator the window is. However, very low U-values may mean that you do not gain as much warmth from the sun via passive solar gain.

Energy-efficient windows will reduce the costs of heating your home and your carbon footprint. But they also make your home a more comfortable place to live, eliminating drafts, cold spots and condensation, while also helping to insulate your home from external noise.

Our windows here at Gofor reach a C rating but A rated windows are easily achieveable.