– UPVC PRODUCTS white and woodgrains ~ 10 year on discolouration only (Black products and South facing installations are exempt)
– WINDOW HARDWARE – 1 year (guarantee does not include tarnishing)
– DOOR HARDWARE – 1 year (guarantee does not include tarnishing)
– GLASS UNITS 5 years against seal failing
– DOOR PANELS – White 10 years / Woodgrain 3 years on discolouration only (South facing doors are exempt)
– COMPOSITE DOORS – 10 years for discolouration and lamination with exception to woodgrain outerframe being 5 years (South facing doors are exempt), 1 year on hardware
– ROOF ~ 10 years on the roof bars, and 1 year on the components and manufacture –   POLYCARBONATE 10 years against light transmission and weather breakage
– MANUFACTURE – 1 year (doors that need realigning up to 3 months after fitting are exempt and will be dealt with FOC)
– The guarantee will run from the date of the fitting date. If you have any successive failure on a piece of hardware, the guarantee period does not start again with each piece fitted
– We are unable to offer extended warranty the guarantees relate to our suppliers
– Guarantees do not apply if moving parts are not properly maintained, and cleaned using the correct products
– Products must be installed up to BS and GGF specification
– Guarantees remain in place assuming the supplier/provider of that product remains trading
– All guarantees are non-transferable upon sale of property – with exception to the Fensa certificate


All complaints to be reported to Gofor Windows Limited

Proof of purchase must be provided when logging a complaint, either an installation date, or job number, if you have misplaced your paperwork, we suggest checking bank statements on payment dates

Glass complaints are to be reported within 4 weeks of fitting, internal marks will be replaced FOC, external scratches will need to be assessed to establish the cause and may be chargeable


There is no charge for surveys

Products reported to have problems out of the guarantee period, will receive a site visit and an estimate will be sent regarding repair works

We offer a service where we charge for a call out and if we are able to repair within half an hour, you will be charged the call out price plus any parts used, call out charges are postcode related


Payment to be made upon completion of works

Payment can be made by cheque, cash, BACs, debit or credit card,.

Our bank details for BACS payments: Account No: 50497983   Sort Code: 20-62-09 – Account Name: Gofor Windows Limited


Your windows and doors will need a small amount of maintenance, cleaning UPVC with a damp cloth or soap and water solution is recommended, heavy abrasives and solvent based liquids are not recommended. Hardware should be oiled with a product like WD40 every 6 months


Water vapour is continually present in the atmosphere. In the home this is natural water content, increased by normal living activities that create steam, e.g. bathing, washing, boiling a kettle etc, plus breathing. Our homes have become more energy efficient, i.e. draft excluders, better rated windows and central heating, all this has cut down on the natural ventilation through the home, which in turn will increase condensation on cold surfaces.  An effective way to reduce condensation is to maintain good ventilation


Fensa Certificate and Insurance Backed Guarantee will be issued by the relevant companies and posted direct to the home owner where applicable, and will be activated after payment in full. The certificates can take some time depending on the volume of their work.

Your Fensa certificate proves that you have the correct energy rated glass and specification. This is required when you sell the property, and is transferrable over a 10-year period whenever the house is sold, more details can be found on the website Our Insurance Backed Guarantee provider is QANW. This can only be used should your provider go out of business and covers you over a 10 -year period and is transferable, for more information their website; the details are